Find Of The Week May 18 2017

Congrats to LAURA HIGGINS of Eastbourne, East Sussex, U.K. Laura is this weeks choice for best finds post for her 1881 Gothic Florin! This beautiful coin also happens to be her first ever Silver! Laura is now qualified for the end of the years prize package. Thank you for your post Laura!


Siren Kimmie’s Alternate Universe

The Siren Vlog

Curious as to what Siren Kimmie gets up to when she’s not metal detecting?  Well check out Kimmie’s Siren Vlog on YouTube.  A bit of wine, a bit of coffee, touring about town, back yard bon fires, gardening, festivals, history lessons, life’s little happenings, and frequent cameo appearances of Autumn the pampered shih-tzu Siren mascot.  Be sure to like, subscribe, and share!  xoxo

FOTW May 11, 2017

Congrats to JAMES FINNON of Glasgow, United Kingdom. James is this weeks choice for best finds post for his first every, dug cannon ball. James is now qualified for the end of the year prize package. Thank you for your post James!

Sirens Take: The Garrett AT Max Out of Hand Review

Siren Kimmie: Metal Detector, Wine Connoisseur, Rock-N-Roller, Youtube Queen

By: Siren Kimmie

The Garrett AT Max has been revealed and my initial impression is…Nothing MAJOR as far as upgrades here.

I feel the intent of Garrett is to KEEP that niche of the best bang for your buck, easiest to learn machine. So they’ve combined the AT Pro and AT Gold (both of which I imagine will be phased out) and continue to entice the first time detectorists.

They have added the wireless headset to compete with the Deus, and from a marketing stand point it’s a smart move. As was improving the AT series by adding back lighting and fine tuning a bit to get more depth.

However, they did NOT, from what I can see, address the “flimsy housing” issue– though without putting hands on it I cannot say for sure. They didn’t change the design much which means they keep their manufacturing process virtually the same–That enables them to keep the cost from driving too high — the increase being wrapped up mostly in the Zlink wireless headphones.

So, are they enticing existing AT Pro and AT Gold users to purchase this new machine? No. I personally cannot see anything that would encourage me to spend that kind of money for slight upgrades to my AT Pro.

From what I can gather, Garrett intends to keep their costs down, hang on to their niche market of detectorists looking for a great all around machine, easy to learn and a fairly affordable price tag.

Those of us who HAVE the AT Pro (or Gold) will get our hands on a bigger coil for greater depth and wireless headsets and continue to be happy. However…If my machine breaks down or gets worn out (which believe me it will eventually for as much as I use and abuse it) I would certainly purchase the AT Max over the Pro or Gold. It would be stupid not to!

In the meantime, now that Garrett has perfected the best “pick-it-up-and-go-without-a-major-learning-curve-and-fairly-kind-on-the-wallet-detector,” I would NOT be surprised if they now focused their efforts on unit that has a few more bells and whistles to nestle between the AT Max and the the higher end ATX.

What do you think? 

[Editors Note: If anyone has actually used one of the AT Max machines, please let us know. We would love a full review from someone who has used one, and want to know their opinion]

FOTW May 5, 2017

Congrats to Joe Toth of Howard, Ohio. Joe is this weeks choice for best finds post for his 1814 Capped Bust Dime. Joe is now qualified for the end of the year prize package. Awesome find Joe and thanks for your post! 


The Joys of Metal Detecting!

Long before we decided to get a metal detector, I never even considered the idea. I thought metal detecting was for older, retired men, on the beach. You watch a random movie or episode and a guy walks by with a detector. He is in the background and most won’t even notice that he was in the show. Well, my husband and I were thinking of getting a new trampoline for the kids for Christmas. Our last one lasted about 4 years, and the kids loved it! BUT with trampolines come sprains, breaks, twists, and too many children bumping together at times. Pinches on the springs, etc… So, we opted for a detector, thought the kids would enjoy it.

We ordered our first. Bounty Hunter Quick Silver. Only one. Watching YouTube videos in anticipation of receiving it in the mail! Getting excited about finding “treasure”! Watching others dig up colonial history artifacts and coins! One coin we saw was worth over $6000!!!
So, we get anxious! Go buy a Bounty Hunter at a pawn shop. And we all share it for one day! It was an amazing day of taking turns, digging in gravel, soft dirt, clay and just everywhere. We started off in the local parks, and found coins, and children who joined in like they were with us and “finding treasure”! Their smiles were priceless!

We then knew we needed more than one or two detectors for the five of us! By then, we received the original order in the mail, ordered two more, and two pinpointers! We were hooked! We dug up nails, aluminum can pieces, tons of iron junk, and a few coins! Our first oldest coin was a 1919 Wheat Penny! My husband dug that on his parents property, which was his grandfathers, and that was his grandfathers year of birth.
We go every weekend and during the week when possible! We find old house places with or without the house standing. Drive around and look for a possible dig site! The old timers in our area are great to talk to, it’s just tricky to find them.
We have SEVEN detectors! FIVE pinpointers! SIX diggers! And a Family of Five who ALL Love digging! This is not a hobby just for the old, retired folks!
The joys? Our kids faces when they find something “cool”. Their excitement when we get an old house place permission. Their drive to keep digging even when we’ve been there for hours. Even though they do give out sooner than we do! They have been able to pet cows for the first time. They have learned about coins and the years and history of lots of things that wouldn’t even have been thought of if we hadn’t been detecting. I have climbed over, under and through fences. (first time in over fifteen years!) I have lost two pant sizes!! We walk for hours, swinging our over two pound stick, and kneeling, squatting, bending repeatedly! It’s a great work-out! The kids have since found all kinds of treasure. Worthless, but Priceless! And our eleven year old found our first silver! 1943 war nickel! We come home too sore to even move. Exhausted muscles, tired joints, and dirty clothes and shoes. But we wouldn’t change it for the world!

We now swing two Garrett Ace 250’s, two Bounty Hunter Quick Silvers, and one Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200. We own two extras.
If you are even considering getting into this hobby. Don’t think of just the cost of the equipment. Think of the joy and enrichment you are gaining for you and your family!

XPress Metal Detecting with Deus Dave

XPress Metel Detecting with Deus Dave

FOTW April 27, 2017

Congrats to RYAN SMITH of Huntington, Indiana and NATHAN BRAKE of Enterprise Oklahoma.  They are this weeks choice for best finds post. Nathan for his gold crucifix medallion and Ryan for his unique vintage bike bell cover. Ryan and Nathan are now qualified for the end of the year prize package. Thank you for your post guys! Who will be next weeks choice? 






FOTW April 20, 2017

 Congrats to HAROLD ADAMS of Chicago, Illinois. Harold is this weeks choice for best finds post for his Sweet Silver Saves. He is now qualified for the end of the year prize package. Thank you for your post Harold!