FOTW Winner March 22, 2017

Congrats to Josh Morgan of Hillsboro, West Virginia and Elias Anastasios of Brisane, Queensland Austrialia.  Josh and Elias are this weeks choice for best finds post. Josh for his 1792 2 Real and a cut 1727 2 Pristareen. Elias for his US WWII Compass. Both are now qualified for the end of the year prize package. Thanks for your posts guys!!

Who will be next weeks winner(s)?

SIREN VLOG: You Say You Want A Revolution

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Siren Kimmie takes a day trip to Wilmington North Carolina to investigate it’s rich film history plus it’s civil war and revolutionary war background.  Pubs, seafood, riverside views, battleships, shopping, wine tasting and more!  HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day!

Past Episodes of Siren Vlog:

Girls Rock Metal Detecting the Duellists

Find of the Day Challange!

Siren Kimmie is challenged to a Metal Detecting duel by Stephen Aucker (The Man With The Hat).  You get to vote on who wins this duel!!!  Be sure to watch both videos and vote in both places (subscribe to vote).


My Detector of choice is The White’s V3iWe asked our experts to share with us a review of their metal detector

Over all, this machine has the best features available.

  • Large color HD Search Screen.
  • Can hunt in a single frequency or 3 frequencies at the same time. (2.5, 7.5, 22.5)
  • Many ways to analyze targets (pin point, sizing, polar plot, icons, tones, vdi numbers, spectrograph)
  • 10 preset programs, can add custom programs, 8 filters, and so much more. 
  • Can adjust machine to an conditions (soil, EMI, mineralization)
  • Dig less trash with multi target analyzing features.
  • Large color/HD search screen makes it easier to read.
  • Consistent in the field.
  • Has wireless head phone capability.
  • Can turn on a go with the preset programs.
  • Can not use to search under water.
  • Some what on the heavy side.
  • Not a simple machine to master.

The Whites V3i is one of the top detectors on the market today. Once you master this machine it’s almost like seeing through the ground. It’s a turn on and go detector with unmatched expert capabilities.


Dave DiNatale Host GDA The Podcast

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You tube channel, V3i SWEEPER to see if this is a machine you have interest in.


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FOTW Winner March 17, 2017

Congrats to Sonya Harshman of Huntington, Indiana and Mike Speiser of Paulding, Ohio. Sonya and Mike are this weeks choice for best find of the week. Sonya and Mike had an amazing hunt and uncovered primo coinage and some great historical saves. Mike is now qualified for the end of the year prize package. Sonya has become GDA’s first 3 time winner and will receive and automatic bye in the first round of the competition.  Thanks for your post Sonya and Mike. Who will qualify next week.


FOTW Winner March 2, 2017

Congrats to Aggie A. Hall from Plain City, Ohio and Steve Steve LaFlamm of Oswego, New York. Aggie and Steve are this weeks best of finds qualifiers for the end of the year prize package. Aggie for her stellar week of multiple saves and Steve for his Silver Bonanza.

Thank you for your posts Aggie and Steve.

Who will be qualifying next week???

Steve LaFlamm’s Finds

Aggie Hall’s Find(s)

Aggie Hall’s Find(s)

Aggie Hall’s Find(s)

Aggie Hall’s Find(s)

Aggie Hall’s Find(s)

FOTW Winner February 24, 2017

Congrats to Georgia Cronin of Liverpool, Ohio and Mircea Ursu of Germany. They are this weeks qualifiers for the end of the year prize package for best finds. Georgia for her multiple saves from coins to medallions and Mircea for his amazing silver/white gold ornate key.

Thank you for sharing your finds!

Who will be next weeks qualifier


Georgia Cronin’s Find

Mircea Ursu’s Find

Mircea Ursu’s Find

FOTW Winner Frebruary 18, 2017

Congrats to Paul Moeller of Fort Wayne, Indiana and Dave Holloway of Deal Kent, England. Paul and Dave are this weeks choice for best finds post. Paul for his large 1922 Silver Dollar and Dave for his first ever Hammered coin, a 1604 James The 1st sixpence.

Paul and Dave are now qualified for the end of the year prize package. Thanks for your post guys!

Dave Holloway’s Find

Dave Holloway’s Find

Paul Moeller’s find

Paul Moeller’s find

FOTW Winner February 3, 2017

Congrats to Philip Kemmerlin of Salisbury, Maryland. Philip is this weeks choice for best finds post for his early coin finds for 2017. He is now qualified for the end of the year prize package.

Thanks for your post Philip.

FOTW Winner January 27, 2017

Some lady diggers can talk the talk but Sonya Harshman walks the walk. Sonya is this weeks best of finds post. She had an amazing week. 1857 Flying Eagle 1 cent, 1876 Seated Quarter and a Grand Army of the Republic Buckle.

That’s 2 wins for Sonya. She will receive a life line for the end of year prize package.

She has also earned her Official GDA Patch.

Thanks for you post Sonya!

Who will be next weeks winner?