Siren Kimmie

15310447_1760851444238731_1189362250_nShe’s smart. She’s Sassy. She ROCKS metal detecting!

Female detectorists have attitude and they refuse to be patronized in this male dominated hobby.

Siren Kimmie is the Head Darling in Charge at Girls Rock Metal Detecting, a frequent YouTuber, prolific blogger and a quick-witted geek by trade.

She is a self-proclaimed tomboy under her otherwise girlie exterior and comes armed with an AT Pro and a whole lot of attitude, proving time and again that she can match skills with her male counterparts, often toughing it out through the harshest of terrains.

Siren Kimmie isn’t afraid to get down and dirty and go that extra mile to find those relics!

Come along with this dirt fishing maven as she shows an unparalleled passion for coins, silver and relics of all shapes and sizes.