New season, new show

New Youtube Banner 6New Season, New Show

Updating what was already good

As many of you know, in the last year I have begin posting videos of my hunts. Over the time I have been constantly upgrading my shows on Youtube. However it has come to a point, with my new sponsors, XP Detectors, that I felt the show I already was producing was not good enough for them.

I have invested into new camera holders, tripods, lapel microphones, and editing software in the last couple months. The first actual hunt episode of Detecting Bavaria with Lance and XP Deus has come out, and is way above even the standard I was expecting. From here I will eventually have a camera crew accompany me, but until then, I will record myself, and try to hide the fact that I am recording myself, to try and immerse you the viewer as much into the episode as I can.

The future of my channel is here, and I am really enjoying sharing the hunts and information of the XP Deus with y’all.

Here is my newest video. Please enjoy.

Lance’s film past

Ever since 2005, Lance had been studying and advancing his camera and editing skills.

In 2008 he recorded 2 live concerts for local bands in Schweinfurt, Germany.

In 2006, he made his first animated film. a total of 5 minutes in length, that took over 3 months to film.

He created two music videos for the paintball team, Paint Of Brothers, in 2011. Both of which have been applauded by the bands whose music is featured in the videos, including the band Disturbed.

His original short, “Feuerwerk” (Fireworks) had been viewed almost 2000 times, it was removed at one point, then re-uploaded to youtube where the hit count is at around 400.

Lance helped begin the GDA videos in 2015, which showcased metal detectors around the world in a single video. every episode featured 4 hunters around the world, who supplied the videos to him, and he edited them all together to help share their youtube channels.

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