Laszlo Peter Eles

15319484_10205924361946751_1789368769_nOriginally born in Budapest, Hungary, Laszlo moved to South Carolina, United States at a very young age.

He received his first metal detector at age 12 as a Christmas present. His first detecting adventure was at a revolutionary war battle site near his home shortly there after. When he dug his first musket ball, Laszlo became hooked on the American Civil War. he says, “I’ve always had it in me. I love history, but especially the American Civil War.”

Laszlo got into relic recovery around 1984, and started researching and locating many Civil War camps that never had been touched by detectors. It was here he met his good friend Larry Cissna, and they became like brothers. Both would later appear as main detectors on the Discovery Television channel series, Rebel Gold, in 2015.

it was on this show that Larry spoke of Laszlo’s uncanny ability to find civil war relics just about anywhere when he said, “Laszlo has the ability to find Civil War relics in a Walmart Parking lot.”

Together with Larry, they are both still finding new sites and relics. Laszlo loves the hobby more now than ever before.

Laszlo uses the XP Deus.


Publicity still, from the 2015 Discovery Channel series, Rebel Gold with Lazlo, center left, and good friend, Larry Cissna, center right.


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