Lance “Magic” Goolsby

img_2452Lance comes originally from the west coast; Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. He however is a redneck through-and-through. He rides horses, used to Bull ride and loves his country music.

In 1989 lance joined the U.S. Army and spent 15 years with the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and the 2nd 503rd of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vicenza, Italy. Lance suffers from Late Onset PTSD from his deployments to Kosovo in 1999, and Iraq in 2003.

After getting out, Lance stayed with his wife and family in Germany, where his wife is from. He now spends any free time he has searching for relics with his XP Deus, and often gives his finds over to museums and the property owners so they can show them to others.

To Lance, it is the hunt, not the collection of things that he loves about the hobby. He also uses the hobby as a therapy for his PTSD and recommends it highly to anyone else suffering from it. (If you have questions about PTSD, feel free to ask Lance. He will happily assist you in better understanding the illness, for yourself or someone you know.)

Lance is Co-Host/Producer/Editor and manager of the GDA Podcast.

Lances Articles



The Official GDA XP Deus Settings Page

The GDA XP Deus settings Let us help you with your hunts by sharing our personal settings. We hope you will try them out and see how useful they are. Well Hello!!! I have a 50% chance of figuring out why you have come to this page. It is either because you are a complete fan of our podcast, The GDA-XP Show, or you are an owner of the XP Deus, such as Dave and …
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Lost History

Throughout life, people loose things. Things fall from their pockets, pouches, purses and anyplace they may have placed items for storage. They fall on the ground to never be seen again. This is what makes metal detecting one of the most fun hobbies there is on the planet. Through our hobby we are able to locate and again bring into light items lost throughout time, in the locations they were lost. By people we will …
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New season, new show

New Season, New Show Updating what was already good As many of you know, in the last year I have begin posting videos of my hunts. Over the time I have been constantly upgrading my shows on Youtube. However it has come to a point, with my new sponsors, XP Detectors, that I felt the show I already was producing was not good enough for them. I have invested into new camera holders, tripods, lapel …
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July 2015:

The weekend began on Saturday, with a message from the owner of a field I had been waiting to get on for over a year, sending a message telling me it will be cut this week, but another field next to it is open. Wow, I sprang out of my seat and grabbed my Tesoro, and my MFH pouch, and drove out to the field. There I met up with a friend from a nearby …
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Hell in a Field: The companion to the video on Youtube

headed out to a new permission at 1220 this afternoon, it was already 35 degrees celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The new permission had freshly been turned over, so the dirt was still fresh, and with luck many relics turned within it to the top of the soil. Hotter than hell in summer. At the end of the hunt, Direct sunlight was at 44 Celsius (111 Fahrenheit) The remains of the hay on the field …
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Art By Lance

Lance has been an artist almost all his life. Six¬†years ago he started painting. Now he loves to paint, and share the process of painting with others. to maybe help them paint, or get new ideas for painting. This page will update with each painting and piece of art he creates …
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