Editorial: Can I Detect?


Editorial by: Sarah Garrett, Bowie County, Texas

I can’t be the only one who asks themselves this question.  Some days we go out and I find nails, pull tabs, and foil.  I question my skills.  I think I’m no good.  It takes me so long to even find what I’m digging up.  I am not skilled at pinpointing with the detector or the pinpointer!  I watch others finding great finds or many coins, and I find mostly junk.   I am slower and bigger than the others I detect with and more out of shape.  I have to take more breaks. I don’t take the heat well.  I don’t take the sun well.  I am sore for days after our 2-3 days of 4-6 hours each!  My muscles don’t even have time to recuperate!  I hurt!

I have felt real frustration in this “lack of skills” I have.  I have even cried about it.

The REAL Question is.  Do you Enjoy it?  Do you have fun?  Do you want to keep going?img_20160214_183144048

My Answer is always YES!  I LOVE Metal Detecting!  I have to remember I am just a beginner.  I have found some amazing, cool things.  I have met some wonderful people and had some exciting days looking for treasure!  I have watched my girls sticking with it and searching until they found that tiny piece of wire! (OR Silver Ring!)  I am proud of my kids when they detect and keep going!  I am thankful for my amazing husband who loves it as much as I do.  He loves meeting people and teaching others.  I have watched him teaching other children how and getting them excited!  I am proud of him for all that he has done in this sport!  It has given us a family hobby!

Yes, I am exhausted after.  Yes, my body screams at me!  Yes, my house falls apart on the weekends!  But It is SO Worth it!

I doubt my skills almost every time, but every time I get better.  I am learning my tools.  I am learning my way.  I fully ENJOY every hunting trip!  and beg for more!  As I write this, my back is cramping, and my legs are wishing for a long, hot bath!

Do you ask yourself if you can REALLY Metal Detect?   If you do, then ask yourself the other questions?  Do you like it?  Do you have fun?  If the answer to these questions is yes, then you know the question to the first question!   You CAN REALLY Metal Detect!


Author: Sarah Garrett of Bowie County, Texas

You just have to get out there and DO IT!  Every one who digs is in a different spot of earth and will find something different!  Do NOT compare yourself to others!  Just ENJOY your sport.  You will gain skills, improve your pinpointing, know your machine, and find more trash and more treasure!  But You won’t do it sitting there wishing you were better at it!

So, Get out there and Keep Swinging!!!  You CAN Metal Detect!!!

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