1500 Year old Roman duck Brooch found on Metal Detectives Club hunt


Duch Brooch 17 August, 2016: From out in the fields of Oxfordshire in the U.K., the metal detecting club, Metal Detectives, were out in the fields with a force of close to 60 people and was organized by Metal Detectives member, Mark Becher. When a 1500 year old discovery was made in the form of a Roman Duck Brooch.

The one day event ended up having over 70 Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) recorded items, including what I find to be a truly remarkable piece.

Along with a handful of Roman coins, member Paul Willis was the person who found the brooch.

The Brooch was in pristine condition, Duck Brooch 3with portions of the paint still attached.

Gary, from XP Detectors, knows Paul very well as he is a member of the same detecting club, which is the South Bucks Metal Detecting Club.

“Paul is quite new to the Deus, but he has taking to it like a duck to water (Laughs). He is a regular finder and one of the most enthusiastic members of our club.” Gary said about Paul.

duck Brooch 2“[Today there were] over 140 Roman bronze coins. 70+ finds recorded for the finds report total.” Mark said of the hunt, “Many of the bronze photographed together. [A] Few Roman silvers, Some lovely brooches, Iron Age bits, [a] votive axe, silver unit, etc…” He continues, “[A] very good dig for the metal detectives members again today, I’m glad to say.”

The Metal Detectives are also Co-Hosting the “1st XP European Gold Rally” on the 17th and 18th of September near Buford Oxfordshire.

Be sure to check out the Metal Detectives Twitter page for more images of the hunt.



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