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Global Detection Adventures is an international metal detecting community. Our members are located in every corner of the world. We are open to all to come and share your finds, videos, stories, reviews, promotions and more.



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Recent Podcast and podcast news

Global Detection Adventures, GDA for short, is a bi-weekly podcast about metal detecting. Hosts David and Lance bring in guests every episode to talk about the hobby from all points of perspective. Every episode ranges in subjects from funny and serious, to satyrical and controversial. Every episode takes you just a little further into the wonderful world of metal detecting and introduces you to some of the best characters on the planet who also enjoy the hobby. The friend list of GDA includes, KG (George) and Ringy (Tim) from the popular National Geographic Television series Diggers. Peter Eles, from the Discovery Channel television series Rebel Gold. Butch Holcombe, publisher of the popular American Digger Magazine, and many more. Be sure to listen to the GDA Podcast every two weeks on iTunes and here on this website.

Upcoming Guests

Episode 05-02 Reviewing Garrett products with guest Randell Garrett, with Special Guest Brian Gorby


In this episode Dave and Lance will be talking with Randell Garrett of www.bowiecountymetaldetectors.com One of the greatest friends of GDA, and their online shop of metal detectors. We will discuss many other metal detectors, to include Garrett, Whites and Minelab.

We will then be joined by Brian Gorby, who made an amazing find in a Garrett sponsored hunt in Texas in March. 

The GDA store is here!

 The shop will be featuring digitally printed shirts, phone cases, and many more accessories. These are all top quality products, designed by Lance himself. Check the items for sale, new items will be added regularly. Click HERE to visit the store…

Meet Team GDA

The theatre is the place where you can see special metal detecting videos, Exclusive Global Detection Adventures content, and content that has been specifically chosen by the Global Detection Adventures members.

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View Videos from all the members of Global Detection Adventures. These videos will automatically update whenever one of the members uploads a new one. See all the videos on a single place, and also visit their Youtube page all from a single stop. 

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Find Of The Week Winner(s)

FOTW April 20, 2017

 Congrats to HAROLD ADAMS of Chicago, Illinois. Harold is this weeks choice for best finds post for his Sweet Silver …
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Video Of The Week Coming Soon!!!

GDA News

SIREN VLOG: You Say You Want A Revolution

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Siren Kimmie takes a day trip to Wilmington North Carolina to investigate it’s rich film history …
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The First! (By: David DiNatale)

-By: Dave DiNatale Do you remember your first find?  What made it so memorable? Was it the anticipation, the item …
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The Official GDA XP Deus Settings Page

The GDA XP Deus settings Let us help you with your hunts by sharing our personal settings. We hope you …
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XP News

DEUS: Product information and NEWS | Blog version EN

We are proud to announce some new accessories and software for XP DEUS which will be available on the market …
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DEUS V4 coming soon | Blog version EN

Download the advert: Source: DEUS V4 coming soon | Blog version EN …
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The Jersey hoard bought to you by XP Metal Detectors Part 2/2 | Blog version EN

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2n2lvd94fA Gary Blackwell from XP recently had the privilege of interviewing Reg Mead and Richard Miles, the finders of the …
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