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Welcome to GDA: Global Detection Adventures

Global Detection Adventures is a Bi-Weekly metal detecting Podcast, hosted by the Founders of GDA, Lance Goolsby, and David DiNatale. 

The popular metal detecting podcast is dedicated to bring interesting and informative talkshow type subjects to the table, along with a great new guest each and every week. Subjects range from metal detector reviews, information about how to use different detectors, and finds found while out hunting. 

GDA also has a Find Of The Week competition every week on their Facebook Group, and all people who win the Find Of The Week automatically become candidates for the Find Of The Year prize package, which contains items such as a new metal detector, pinpointers, and much much more. 

Global Detection Adventures is also a team of metal detectors from around the world who strive to put a stop to all the infighting happening within the hobby, and share the wonders of the hobby with others. Each team member has been specifically hand chosen by either Dave or Lance for their professionalism in the hobby, or their love of rescuing historic items.

The podcast is available on both iTunes and and wherever you get your podcasts.

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